Saturday, November 29, 2008

Final Days

We are in the final days of our cruise. Bittersweet really. It has been grueling as far as work, but I have made some new friends and been apart of something very special. It's been a long cruise, so we have all gotten to know each other pretty well. It's always difficult leaving a research cruise--there is a build up of excitement to go home, however, life on the boat is simple and vital. These experiences drive me back on land.
The science on this cruise has been great! Lots of excellent samples (we put a sampler in each day and recovered a good sample each time), that include the LVWS (large volume water sampler), CTD, and sediments. We all these, we have a opportunity to assess the viral population that is apart of the hydrothermal vent environments, as well as, the bacterial cohort.
I hope all are well. And, I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Shawn said...

Your new friends already miss you! The ship is not the same without you . . .

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