Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

It's been awhile since I've had enough time to sit down and write on the blog. (left is a picture of us at our deck BBQ: Bekki, Doug, Shawn and myself)Things are cranking away out here now, we arrived in Guaymas a couple of days ago and have completed 4 samples so far from various locations in the area. We also started a 'side-project' on the hydrothermal sediments (that are full of oil!!), which began last there is now early mornings and late evenings for me.
All of us on our viral team out here have had a chance to dive! That means we've had a really great time initiating everyone after their dive :). I have a pic of Doug getting doused by Karla Heidelberg and myself with the coldest water yet. He had been bragging about being able to withstand the pain, however, Karla made a slight comment about there being a third bucket of ice water while we pouring the first two and he almost made a run for it!
Other than that it's been mostly just work work work... I've had a lot of requests for pics so I will try to post some more soon. Hope you all have a great day!! --Before I forget, if you have time--check out the University of Delaware Extreme 2008 website. There have been a lot of additions. I actually was involved briefly in the "call-to-the-deep". :)

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