Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First deployment

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to be brief tonight (been up since 2 am with a short nap in the afternoon). There are pictures of our sampler, the deployment and the sub launch. A synopsis of the sampler is that the panel controls the CTD pumps used to pull water through the silcone tubing, into preflitration carboy, then 3 stainless steel filter holders (one 3.0um and a why to two 0.2um) for collection of the microbial fraction (0.2um) for DNA extraction, metagenomic analyses, 16s analyses, phage inductions, microscopy, etc.

Today in the sub, our PI Eric Wommack from the University of Delaware and Craig Cary went down. They had a great trip and were able to take some amazing underwater pictures that I will send once downloaded. They spent most of their time at the vent called Bio9, which apparantly had some large structures and smokers.

So, I'm just going to attach pictures and try to describe what is going on and who is in the pictures later.

Big Hugs!

--ps Mom and Dad, check the hat! Love you :)

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Jonathan Badger said...

They spent most of their time at the vent called Bio9

Now I understand the name of Shannon's dataset!